How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Saliva?

After consumption of marijuana, the majority of its main component Tetrahydrocannabinol is quickly metabolised and absorbed by the user's body, so only very small amount of it stays in saliva. Since mouth swab tests, unlike tests of blood, hair and urine samples, are focused on the THC itself rather than its inactive metabolites, they have relatively short time span when they can detect marijuana until it gets metabolised.

But the type of test alone does not determine how long marijuana can be detected. There are much more different factors that have impact on user’s metabolism and the period required to remove THC remnants from the saliva. They are:

  • Body mass
  • Age
  • Metabolic rate
  • Physical activity
  • Overall health condition
  • Amount of marijuana smoked
  • Potency of product
  • Individual drug tolerance

How long does weed usually stay in saliva?

Saliva tests can easily detect marijuana within 24 hours after intake. They are particularly good at detecting recent cases of marijuana use. Given that a more sensitive test is taken in a laboratory environment, it can detect THC during up to 72 hours. In case of chronic intake of weed, the test sometimes may be positive even after a week.

marijuana in saliva

This means that in order to pass the mouth swab drug test, you have to avoid smoking marijuana for at least three days. This time is almost always enough to make sure the THC is completely eliminated from your saliva.

Sometimes your employer may launch an unexpected test, so you will not be able to abstain. In such cases, you need to resort to some helpful remedies and methods that significantly reduce the time marijuana stays in your saliva.

How to reduce marijuana detection time in the saliva test?

Reducing the detection time of marijuana in saliva is necessary if you are having a mouth swab drug test. To increase your chances and avoid a false-positive result, the first thing you should do is stop smoking marijuana and avoid any other toxic stuff. It has been proven to be very efficient to brush the teeth properly at least thrice a day. While doing so, you need to pay special attention to gum lines, tongue, and cheeks. Besides, drink plenty of water to help oral fluids move, chew a cube of ice to reduce the amount of toxins in mouth and dilute the saliva, and eat mints to mask the drug presence. Also, you can eat foods high in fat about one hour before your saliva test to help the body absorb more THC. You can also avoid positive test result by changing the pH level and acidity of mouth fluids. This can be done by using such easily available kitchen products as lemon juice, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. It goes without saying that special detox mouthwashes, like Stinger Detox or Ultra Wash, can make a great difference if used about half an hour before the mouth swab test.

What is the best detoxifying mouthwash for weed?

The best product to remove THC from your oral cavity is Ultra Wash toxin-cleansing mouthwash. It is affordable, simple in use and very compact, what helps it to stay always within your reach in case there is an unexpected saliva drug test. Its ingredients include fast-acting chemical and herbal substances, such as aloe vera, witch hazel, peppermint, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate etc. To be on the safe side and have your mouth cleansed from THC, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs, you should use this detox mouthwash 15 minutes before the test. This is the time period when Ultra Wash is the most effective as it starts removing unwanted toxins almost immediately after you rinse your mouth with it and works for about an hour.


  1. stop smoking marijuana for 35 days and took a home urine test and it came up positive but I have a swab test on tomorrow will I pass it

    1. yes,swab test cannot detect that far 35 days is more then enough time for it to leave your saliva.

  2. My husband had an oral swab test today. He last smoked 5 days ago. Will he pass?

  3. Didn't smoke for 2 & a1/2 days and brushed and used mouth wash everyday. Took stinger detox 15 minutes before test will I pass my mouth swab? They put swab under your tounge

  4. Just a fyi be careful with mouth washes that use alcohol as an ingredient failed my last day of iot using mouth wash pass the thc part fail for .07 alcohol level though lol

  5. Took a Oral Eze swab test July 26th. Abstained from blunts since July 20th. I weigh 115 and have sweated profusely throughout the week, drunk plentyyy water, brushed my teeth morning and night each day leading up to it, the night before I brushed my teeth with baking soda/lemon juice/flossed/regular toothpaste/ rinsed mouthwash/peroxide and then the morning of I did the same routine but minus the peroxide. My normal brushing method is always to brush cheeks, under tongue, roof palette, and gums. Never really flossed or mouthwashed on the regular until I found out abt the interview on the 26th. I’ve gone 144hrs at the most without smoking so I think I’m in the clear. In the way to the interview i chewed several pieces of mint gum to get my juices flowing the whole way through and sipped what water I could. Interview was at 12 but didnt drug test until 2.. during the 2hr wait I didn’t really chew anything or drink or eat cause I didnt want to look suspicious.. I’m confident but I’m not confident cause I smoke about 2 blunts a day everyday. What do you think? Should I stop Tripn? Cause I’m SO stressed! They sent it to the lab so I’ll hear from them soon I hope.. idk if ita to say I passed or failed. But they told me to look forward to a call because I’m hired as long as I come back negative

  6. I smoked this morning, I had the stinger detox took that 6hours before test.. 20mins before swab mouth test I chewed on an orange peel, then my human resources mrg left I put toothpaste in my MOUTH just before he came back.. will I pass??